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This is our requirements gathering.  You specify the site(s) you want scraped and what your goal is with the data.  We then help define the data points to pull from the site and the recommended scraping frequency.

From the specified data points, we begin to design a dashboard layout that best suites your needs.

Our goal is to identify your ultimate goal so we can quickly develop a product that best suites you



We build your custom parser to collect all of your data points to our cloud server solution.  We then schedule your parser to run at your desired frequency.  Your data is scraped and stored in our cloud solution offering safe and easy access 24/7.  As data is scraped, we begin providing you sample outputs to review.

This is our refining phase.  We use your feedback to improve your parser until the data is exactly what you are looking for.



This is your custom dashboard that allows you to summarize, visualize and analyze your data.  We use the data points collected to create tables and charts that help you identify value in your data.  Your dashboard is built using the latest JavaScript charting tools providing you an easy to use web-based dashboard available 24/7.